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  • Fatal Attrashcan

    Have you ever thought about where your trash goes after your “throw it away”? Not many people know what happens to the waste they create because after the garbage truck comes around, we are not aware of it anymore. The truth is, trash never goes away. If we could visualize how much trash we generate,…

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  • What’s the Bag Deal?

    A couple argues over which is the best bag for grocery shopping: paper or plastic? Both appear to have their advantages and disadvantages, so what are they to do? Sensing a learning opportunity, the Green Ninja appears with a simple solution – a reusable bag! But is it really that simple? Let’s dig into the…

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  • Do the Worm Bin!

    Composting is a great way to reduce the amount of trash a household produces, and it is also really easy! How do I start a worm bin? First of all, you need a bin to keep your worms. You can make your own bin or buy one. Watch the video for some tips! You need…

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  • The Crude, The Bad and the Ugly

      The Green Ninja finds himself in an oily mess! The villain captures the Green Ninja and forces him to witness his attempt to dump used motor oil into the storm drain. Of course this is hard for the Green Ninja to watch, because oil poured into the storm drain goes directly into the Bay…

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  • Shower of Power

    Dana is frustrated because her husband, Ken, takes really long showers. When she asks for help, the Green Ninja comes to the rescue! Long showers are not only a waste of water, but also a waste of energy. All the water we use has to be pumped to us, and this process requires energy. Taking…

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  • Dr. Burrito

    Dr. Burrito examines a beef and a veggie burrito to determine if there is any difference between them. What are the main differences between the ingredients of the two burritos? The burritos may appear to be very similar, but the ingredients they contain make a huge difference. Foods have different energy efficiencies; some foods, including those…

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