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  • American Idle

    Today we join the audience for the nation’s favorite show, American Idle! After meeting the judges, we talk to the newest contestant shooting to become the next American Idle: Revathi. Revathi is notorious for leaving her car engine running even when she is parked, the judges are flabberghasted! Our curious judge panel decides to find…

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  • The Green Team

    This episode features a few young Green Ninjas, wise beyond their years. They know the way of the bins and they are known as the Green Team.  They help a slightly older ‘student’ understand how to sort trash and why. Right away, the Green Team started by help their friend separate his recyclables. He learns…

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  • Dumpster Diver

    In this episode, outback explorer Mick “Dumpsta-Diva” Bliss takes us on a journey inside of a dumpster to look at some of the “critters” that live there. Some of these creatures do not belong in a dump. Plant/produce waste, for example, should be composted rather than thrown away. Composting is an amazing thing that not…

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  • Clark’s Story

    In this episode of the Green Ninja Show, a man named Clark wants to go outside but it is too cold to just wear a t-shirt. He needs to put on a coat to insulate him from the cold air outside. The only problem is if he wears clothes that are too thin, he will…

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  • Yogurt Man

    In this episode of the Green Ninja Show, a man who lives on yogurt experiences a confusing conflict: how can he eat the yogurt he loves without harming the environment? The Green Ninja pays a visit and teaches our protagonist that recycling is one of the easiest ways to keep reusable materials (like papers and…

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  • Bike Party

    In this episode, a gaggle of Green Ninjas show how they feel about saving the world by riding in a bike party around San Jose. With the chatchiest of music and the power of conservation, the party gathered people from all around to enjoy this fantastic social event! While this video may have some silly…

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  • Everyone Can Be the Green Ninja

    In this episode, a Green Ninja flees from the Carbon Ninja into a cafe closely followed by the polluting plotter, the Carbon Ninja!   With a villainous cackle, Carbon Ninja holds a familiar can hostage, he thinks that he has the Green Ninja trapped but his carbon-filled plans are quickly foiled. The Carbon Ninja tries to…

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  • Tissue Issue

    While eating lunch, a girl discovers an interesting conundrum: the more napkins she uses, the more rapidly the tree outside shrinks! Shrinking trees? Fortunately a paper-savvy lumberjack appears and educates the woman about how wasting paper products can be harmful to trees and the environment. Imagine this, for all of the napkins used, you have to…

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  • Heroes United

    This episode is dedicated to all of our zealous, hard working Green Ninja educators. From Kindergarten teachers to University professors, you all help the Green Ninja by sharing content with your pupils. Because of that, the Green Ninja team wants to thank you with this video just for teachers. If you look closely you might…

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  • Incandescent Exposure

    In this episode, a girl walks down the sidewalk when a strange, bearded, clandestine character appears from an alley way and confronts her. After capturing her attention, he opens his coat to show off a myriad of household incandescent light bulbs. The Bulb-Dealer Why is selling light bulbs a shady business? In 2007, the sale of…

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