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  • Burrito Climate

    In this episode of the Green Ninja show, Dr. Burrito comes to the rescue to explain a common misunderstanding about the differences between weather and climate. At the start of the episode, the man is reading a magazine that explains that Earth’s average global temperature is increasing due to climate change. He is very confused as…

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  • Interview with the AMPire

    This episode, we meet a couple who is having trouble with Mr. V, the Energy Vampire. The three of them all live together but Mr. V keeps messing up the household appliances and causing conflicts because of his strange habits. It seems like he just cannot help himself when he is around an unused electric appliance. Mr.…

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  • The Flushing

    This episode is about the mysterious phenomenon known as phantom flushing. Phantom Flushing is when water from the tank (the top, box-shaped part) leaks into the toilet bowl, eventually causing the toilet to flush. This sometimes makes people think that the toilet has flushed itself, which can seem strange to those who do not know about phantom flushing. It…

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  • This is George

    This episode of the Green Ninja Show is about the relationship between humans and plants and how this relationship affects the planet. Humans and plants appear very different at first glance, but from this episode we will learn that plants and humans have some things in common and the interaction between them is an essential part of everyday…

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  • Save the Fishes

    Sing and dance along with the students of Redwood Environmental Academy of Leadership (or R.E.A.L.) as they rhyme and rap about saving the environment and some of the largest ongoing environmental problems. Plastic is building up in the oceans One of the pressing environmental issues the song lyrics refer to is the accumulation of trash and debris…

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  • Freight Debate

    This episode is all about shipping (the way companies move their products) and how it affects climate change. It starts off with a woman in an airplane. This is not a commercial flight so there are not any other passengers, this is a freight plane. Freight planes are for moving (or “shipping”) products around the…

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  • Iron Green Chef

    Today, in a fiery battle of burgers, the Green Ninja faces off against the fast-food flinger himself: Chef Artie Fisher! They are competing to make the perfect All-American Burger. Everybody likes their burger differently, so it is not a surprise that the two chefs choose different ingredients but the Green Ninja’s final product is flawless while Artie’s burger…

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  • Anthropology Apology

    In this episode, two Earthlings from the future are doing some fossil research when they start finding some oddly familiar objects. They are’t really fossils, just things that did not decompose because they needed to be recycled. Since they were left in a landfill, they just sat there for centuries until one day, two inquisitive characters…

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  • Karbon Kombat

    This episode of the Green Ninja Show is about fossil fuels and it takes place in the world of the classic arcade fighter “Karbon Kombat”, a video game set in the future. In this world, everyone lives on an uber-polluted Earth that is controlled by Fossil Fiend, a nefarious villain with the ability to harness the…

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  • Burrito Gases

    On this episode of the Green Ninja Show, Dr. Burrito does a house call and visits a couple different burrito farms. He does this so he can analyze the air at each farm to see what kind of greenhouse gases are being produced and how much. There are 3 gases that burrito farms can produce…

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