Episode Guide

  • Green Ninja Origins

    In this episode, we learn about the origins of Green Ninja from a Green Ninja Mom! She explains that Green Ninja used to be a normal person. The story shows the way Green Ninja learns how to take care of the environment through his training under the Grand Master of the Green Temple. At the temple, they…

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  • H2001: A Waste Odyssey

    This episode is about a man who lives in a world controlled by computers. He is able to control every electronic in his home with his voice because it is all connected to the same computer. The computer is there to carry out the man’s orders and it is also able to talk to him. This talking…

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  • When the Steaks are High

    This episode focuses on some of the many tactics Green Ninja uses to help save the Earth. This episode takes place in a diner where a mother tells her son more about Green Ninja. As the mother describes what the Green Ninja does to save the earth, we can see him taking action. Green Ninja paints roofs white at the start…

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  • Mysteries of the Pyramids

    In this episode, an archaeologist discovers the ancient recycling pyramids, which hold the hidden meanings of the recycling triangle numbers. As he explores the pyramid, he meets a helpful mummy who is an expert in recycling. The archaeologist, like many people, knows that a triangle of arrows is the universal recycling symbol but he does not understand the significance…

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  • Moby Ick

    In this episode, a seasoned sailor is searching for an elusive sea creature named Moby Ick, a legendary whale made entirely of plastic waste. Moby Ick is a living marine garbage patch, like the Great Pacific garbage patch, a large floating mass of human refuse which has gathered near the center of the Pacific. The trash has been swept together…

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  • Bee-F-F

    In this episode of the Green Ninja Show, we learn how to be safe around bees and why humans need bees. Often people act violently toward bees because they do not understand them, many people dislike bees because they know that bees sometimes sting. These two factors have created a negative stigma around bees, causing people to dislike bees even…

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  • Fever Reliever

    In this episode of the Green Ninja Show, Earth is sick with a fever and the doctors are having difficulties figuring out what got Earth so sick. A large group of specialists are called in to figure out what could be causing the fever. The earth has a fever because it is being heated up…

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  • Seep Off the Grass

      In this episode of the Green Ninja Show, a man is unhappy with all of the water his lawn is wasting. During the day, when the sprinklers are turned on, water is wasted through evaporation and water runoff. The man teams up with his daughter to figure out how they can reduce their lawn’s…

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  • Be Like a Tree

    In this episode of the Green Ninja Show, a young woman discovers that her friend, “the Building”, wants to function similar to the way a tree does. This is because trees offer many benefits to the Earth’s climate and local ecosystems while most buildings harm these Earth systems if made without considering the environment. The building…

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  • Coach Climate

    In this episode of the Green Ninja Show, the coach of a sports team is getting his team ready for the game by telling them the story of Green Ninja’s big battle against four of the toughest opponents ever faced. Carbon Ninja calls in a few climate-changing villains in an effort to defeat Green Ninja once and for…

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