The Green Ninja stops by McKinley elementary’s safe and green Halloween fair!

It was the Friday before all Hallows Eve

When McKinley elementary decided to conceive

A festival, safe and green Halloween

Students inundated the blacktop enthusiastic and keen

Tables upon tables with sustainability in mind

Games on recycling, carbon footprints, and energy students would find

Transforming the school yard into a green dream

And the Green Ninja himself, made an appearance (after a long hiatus) with his green-inspired team

Check out some photos of the Green Ninja and team in action, tabling at McKinley Elementary’s Safe and Green Halloween fair. Students played our carbon footprint game, made climate pledges and took pictures with the Green Ninja himself!

Students made climate pledges!

Students made climate pledges!

The Green Superhero Team!

The Green Superhero Team!

More student pledges....

More student pledges….

Student costumes!

Student costumes!

As always, thanks for reading…until next time,

-Kelly and the Green Ninja team

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