Lesson Plans

  • BAESI teacher workshops

    Teachers are dedicated. Recently, some very dedicated elementary, middle and high school teachers from throughout the Bay Area spent their Saturday attending the first part of the 2 day BAESI professional development workshop put on by San Jose State University professors Dr. Eugene Cordero (https://www.met.sjsu.edu/~cordero/) and Dr. Ellen Metzger (https://www.sjsu.edu/scied/faculty_staff/metzger/). The workshop was held to help…

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  • Energy Lesson Plans

    Three sample lesson plans are provided below which can be used with the Smart Energy Contest to enhance students knowledge in earth science, math, language and computing. The first lesson centers on a hand-on experiment using the Kill-A-Watt energy meter and then follows with the contest. The second lesson is a web quest exploring the Green Ninja…

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  • Climate Lesson Plans

    “Atmosphere composition with Rice – visualizing trace gases. Students will gain an appreciation for how small the actual amount of CO2 is in the atmosphere. This suggests that sometimes small things to make a difference. Atmospheric Composition with Rice “Sea level rise – Sea Ice vs. Land Ice. Students will see for themselves how the…

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