Teacher Film Resources

Relevant materials to support scientific storytelling and filmmaking 

The Essence of Storytelling (4-Part Video Series) by Jeff Biancalana

Thinking about Visual Styles & Shot Blocking (PDF)  by Harry Mathias

iMovie Tutorial for iPad (PDF) by Harry Mathias

Climate Change and Storytelling in Standards-Based Teaching (PDF) by Ellen Metzger

Other Resources:

Storytelling basics using the story spine:  Good resources here and here.

Using film making in the Science classroom – Lesson plan with rubrics (PDF) by Shannon Wernette

Plan your digital video (PDF)

Student video project roles (PDF)

How to borrow an iPad from the Science Education Resource Center at SJSU

Using film in a SJSU General Education science course (PDF) by Eugene Cordero

Teacher’s Guide Series that explores the art and science of filmmaking (Website) by the Academy (e.g. who award Oscars!)


These materials were originally produced for two BAESI workshops:

Exploring Climate Change through Scientific Storytelling and the Green Ninja Film Academy (July 2013)

Climate Change, Scientific Storytelling, and the Green Ninja (March 2014)


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