We all know that saving energy is important, but how much of a difference can one household really make? The Green Ninja Smart Energy Contest provides students with a hands on learning experience that helps students and instructors monitor and reduce their home energy use.

If you would like to participate, send us your contact details here and we will get you started with our Teacher Packet and further instructions! Below is a description on how the Green Ninja Smart Energy Contest works.

Step 1: Access Home Energy Data

Students use the Green Ninja Energy Tracker online tool (using data from their home PG&E data) to record and study their prior home energy data.  Instructions on getting your PG&E daily energy data are given here.

Step 2: Energy Design Challenge

Students watch a fun two-minute Green Ninja video to learn about various energy conservation tips for the home (play video).  Students then design and implement an energy conservation plan (using Engineering Design Principles) to reduce their home energy use.

Step 3: Reflection and Recommendations

Students will then analyze their data during the energy conservation period to evaluate the success of their plan.  Further revisions of the plan can made to inspire additional energy savings.  Students are then asked to reflect on the experience.

Step 4: Congratulations!

Your students have developed practical experience conserving energy and are now eligible to win a variety of prizes!

Other Rules: 

  1. To be eligible for one of the prizes, the student must be attending a K-12 public or private school (homeschool and university ok) and must provide proof of their household energy usage should they be awarded a prize.
  2. Participants must have a PG&E smart meter or some way to monitor their daily energy use. At present, nearly all Bay Area residents who use PG&E have smart meters installed and instructions on getting started are given here. You can verify this by going to your online PG&E account. If you do not have a PG&E smart meter, visit our FAQ page for more info.
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