Green Ninja Program

The Green Ninja curriculum is designed from the ground up with the Next Generation Science Standards in mind

You Get...

  • NGSS grades 6, 7, and 8 integrated science curriculum that use phenomenon and student-directed activities to support student engagement.

  • Engaging media such as videos, games, and interactive simulations.

  • Easy to use lesson plans with assessments and tips to support NGSS experiences.

  • Six units that are guided by a unifying theme and include culminating projects where students solve real-world environmental problems.

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Innovative Curriculum

  • A visual roadmap outlines key phenomena and highlights the culminating experience for each unit.

  • Connections to students’ home, family life, and community is integral to learning.

  • Data literacy, computational thinking, and technology help students achieve 21st century skills.

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Support at Every Step

  • Guidance on integrating the three NGSS dimensions (DCIs, SEPs, and CCCs) within lessons and units.

  • Emphasis on techniques and strategies to support access and equity for all students.

  • Background science content provided for each lesson.

  • In-person and remote teacher professional development available upon request.

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Bringing Science Alive

  • Each grade-level materials kit supports hands-on activities for students and teacher demonstrations.

  • The materials include low cost, easily available, and reusable products whenever possible.

  • Opportunities exist for students and families to contribute materials for an even more personal experience.

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Example units

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Curriculum Design Principles

Storytelling: learning science through communication

The student experience is guided by the Green Ninja character and storyline that includes Green Ninja videos and games. The curriculum also uses storytelling as an important method of communication and helps students tell their own stories in writing, film, and using other digital communication tools.

Environmental Problem Solving: using science to create a healthier planet

In each unit, the culminating experience is a student challenge that focuses on solving an environmental problem that is relevant to students’ lives. By working on problems that extend outside the classroom, the curriculum aims to provide a real-world context for learning science and engineering.

Data and Technology: interpreting and analyzing information

Many of the Green Ninja projects use real-time data and web and video technologies to solve problems and design solutions. The development of data literacy and computational thinking skills leverages student interest in new technology and provides students with insights into future career opportunities.

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