New Method for Reducing Carbon Emission: Exceptional Education

In a twist of interesting timing, as the world finally agrees on the need to reduce carbon emissions (COP21), a study is presented at the Fall AGU that demonstrates how education can be as effective a mitigation measure as rooftop solar panels or electric cars.  The results of Cordero, Centeno and Todd (2015) show that students who received an exception climate change education later reduced their carbon emissions by an average of 4 tons per year.   If 5,000,000 students were to receive such an education, the U.S. would reduce their future emissions by 1 US stabilization wedge (0.25 gigatons of carbon per year).  The implications of this suggest that education can be as effective as other mitigation measures, if the education is well designed.  A discussion of the type of educational design needed will be shared.


Professor Cordero can be reached during his presentation or via email/phone.

GC33A-1259 Estimating the impact of quality education on individual lifetime carbon emissions

Wednesday, 16 December 2015, 13:40 – 18:00


Dr. Eugene Cordero, Professor

Department of Meteorology and Climate Science

San José State University

650 353-6520 (cell)

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