Green Ninja Film Academy

The Green Ninja Project has been awarded $1.1 million dollars from the National Science Foundation to design and implement the “Green Ninja Film Academy (GENIE)”, an intervention that Genie_WebVersionleverages well-established research on motivation to encourage student interest and engagement in the STEM-related field of climate change. The project is aimed at scientifically underserved middle school students who will be guided through a structured storytelling and filmmaking experience that builds competencies in science, engineering design, media technology, and communications.  During the three-year project, 60 teachers and at least 2,000 students will directly participate in the GENIE project, with additional participation from parents, friends, and teachers who attend the Green Ninja Film Festival.  GENIE is also designed around helping teachers prepare to implement the Common Core and Next Generation Science standards using climate change as a context.
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