Climate Q & A – videos

A series of 10 videos that address questions regarding climate change. Special thanks are given to Patrick Brown for preparing this resource.

  • How can there be global warming when last year was so cold?

    Play Video (9:38) This episode defines climate and weather, and provides a brief introduction to climate change. Topics covered in this video: 0:00-2:25 -10 year moving average vs. 12 month moving average -Long term change vs. Year to year variability 2:26-6:00 -Local temperature and cold/warm air masses -Global average change vs. Local average change -Temperature anomalies…

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  • Why do we think climate change is being caused by humans?

    Play Video (11:34) This episode reviews the lines of evidence that suggest human activities are the cause of climate change. Topics covered in this video: 0:00-3:00 Fundamental physics of Greenhouse Effect -Gas absorption of radiation -Documented human caused increase in atmospheric Greenhouse gases -Graphical relationship of temperature increase and Greenhouse gas increase 3:01-7:05 Signatures of an…

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  • What is the greenhouse effect?

    Play Video (10:14) This episode reviews the greenhouse effect and how it relates to human activities and global warming. Topics covered in this video: 0:00-3:15 -Natural Greenhouse Effect without human interaction -Solar radiation and albedo relationship -Infrared radiation and Greenhouse gas relationship 3:16-6:20 -Incoming radiation vs. Outgoing radiation -Wavelengths: short vs. long -Gas absorption of different…

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  • Is the Earth getting warmer?

    Play Video (10:47) This episode looks at the evidence that suggests the Earth is getting warmer. Topics covered in this video: 0:00-1:48 -Meteorological Stations -Records from 1880-2010 -1.2 Degree rise 1:49-2:20 -Weather Balloons -Records form 1950-2010 2:21-2:55 -Satellite -Records from 1979-2011 2:56-8:44 -Frozen water (Cryosphere) measurements -Photographical evidence (4:12) -Length of glaciers (4:40) -Arctic sea ice…

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  • Hasn’t climate changed before?

    Play Video (7:08) This episode explains when and how the climate has changed before and how it differs from current climate change. Topics covered in this video: 0:00-1:12 -Introduction (Yes!) 1:13-2:48 -Measurements of CO2 content from 400 million years: relationship to glaciers and temperature 2:49-4:50 -More recent temperature oscillations (500,000 year timeline) due to Milankovitch cycles…

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  • How difficult will it be to limit future climate change?

    Play Video (9:09) This episode talks about our ability to limit greenhouse gas emissions to avoid potential impacts. Topics covered in this video: 0:00-2:10 -Sources of Greenhouse gases 2:11-5:48 -Emissions vs. Concentrations 5:49-8:12 -Scenarios of CO2 emissions and temperature change -Reduction of 80% and leveling of concentration 8:13-9:08 -Current CO2 emission standings

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  • Are Humans Increasing Greenhouse Gas Concentrations?

    Play Video (11:38) This episode examines the human contribution to greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. Topics covered in this video: 0:00-2:06 -Small percentage of CO2 can cause spike in CO2 concentration 2:07-4:58 -Carbon cycle -Description of flux between atmosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere -Industrial revolution carbon flux and imbalance 4:59-7:30 -Bathtub analogy -Accumulations of small percentages…

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  • What are the potential impacts of climate change?

    Play Video (11:04) This episode reviews scientific reports that summarize potential climate change impacts. Topics covered in this video: 0:00-1:44 -Temperature anomaly over past couple hundred years and current rate of warming 1:45-3:34 -Temperature changes in New York and Washington D.C. -Location and local climate movement 3:35-5:51 -Mean increase diagram -Extremes (More record high’s) -Ratio of…

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  • What would cause Earth’s temperature to change?

    Play Video (6:43) This episode explores the factors that would cause the Earth’s climate to change. Topics covered in this video: 0:00-0:45 -Introduction 0:45-2:50 -Fundamentals of Physics: Temperature -Energy Budget 2:51-5:45 -Family Budget Analogy (Income Earnings and Spendings) 5:46-6:41 -Earth’s system relationship to family budget analogy -Incoming solar radiation vs. infrared radiation

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  • Why don’t CO2 and temperature correlate perfectly?

    Play Video (7:34) This episode discusses the factors that explain why carbon dioxide and temperature don’t correlate perfectly. Topics covered in this video: 0:00-1:27 -Global Temperature and CO2 graphical representation -Decade to Decade time scale variability 1:28-4:06 -Graphs of isolated scenarios for temperature change (Anthropogenic greenhouse gases, Anthropogenic Aerosols, Volcanic Aerosols, and Solar radiation) -Graphs of…

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