Yogurt Man

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In this episode of the Green Ninja Show, a man who lives on yogurt experiences a confusing conflict: how can he eat the yogurt he loves without harming the environment?

Switching to recycling

The Green Ninja pays a visit and teaches our protagonist that recycling is one of the easiest ways to keep reusable materials (like papers and some plastics) from being wasted in a landfill.

Dumping more recycling

By recycling, this business man turns into a real hero: Yogurt Man! Even though he is recycling all of his yogurt cups, he can’t help but feel like something is off. While recycling one day, the Green Ninja helps him remember that reusing plastic containers can also keep any plastic from being wasted.

Cloth bags

Everything is going well in Yogurt Man’s life except for the fact that there are still too many yogurt cups for this one man to recycle and reuse by himself! He starts to buy bigger yogurt containers so he is consuming less plastic but this is not enough.

Neighbor hero

One fateful day, someone rings Yogurt Man’s doorbell. He opens the door to find that it’s a Yogurt Woman! And she brought an energy-efficient yogurt maker! This is where it all finally clicks in Yogurt Man’s head. THIS is the thing he was missing, he needed to reduce his use of plastic!

Yogurt couple eating together

Putting together the three things he learned from the Green Ninja, Yogurt Man works with Yogurt Woman to reduce, reuse, and recycle so they can both enjoy their favorite treat. By working together, the Yogurt Heroes reduced their carbon footprint by consuming fewer processed products AND prevented excess plastic from going to waste by using fewer plastic containers.

Reduce reuse recycle

You can also do what you enjoy while taking care of the environment, just make sure to follow these three easy steps:

Reduce: You help the Earth the most by using fewer disposable or non-environment-friendly products.

Reuse: You can keep any plastic or otherwise “disposable” products/containers and reuse them as things you need, this keeps them from being thrown away or needing to be recycled.

Recycle: If you absolutely have to get rid of a plastic, paper, or other object made from recycleable materials, it is important to recycle it. But remember: recycling should be the last-resort when it comes to these three techniques because when materials are recycled, not all of it can be used again. That means a small part of each recycled object ends up in the Earth.



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Yogurt Man

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