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While eating lunch, a girl discovers an interesting conundrum: the more napkins she uses, the more rapidly the tree outside shrinks!

2 Grabbing a billion napkins

Shrinking trees?

Fortunately a paper-savvy lumberjack appears and educates the woman about how wasting paper products can be harmful to trees and the environment. Imagine this, for all of the napkins used, you have to say goodbye to trees and even entire forests!

8 Chopping napkins

Using napkins kills the trees!

Luckily,  Mr. Lumberjack has some interesting ideas on how to save paper. He suggests that you use:

9 Use your sleeve11 Use your hair

Your sleeves or your hair. Gross!

As humans, we depend on trees because they serve as carbon reservoirs: they take in CO2 from the atmosphere and convert it to oxygen, which we then breathe.  So how can we save trees and continue to breathe?

-Get reusable (washable) cloth napkins for home meals

-Use fewer disposable napkins

-Recycle to avoid wasting paper products like paper towels or notebook paper

EPA Paper Recycling

EPA chart for recycling sanitary napkins

Check out the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) explanation on why we should conserve different kinds of paper and how efficiently they can be recycled. Click here if you are interested in learning more!



Director: David Chai

Producer: Revathi Kotni

Editor: Keith Silva

Camera Crew: Eric Anderson & Mark Sho

Cast: Revathi Kotni, Dustin Meyer & Grace Lacuesta

Host: Alejandro Garcia

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