The Green Team

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This episode features a few young Green Ninjas, wise beyond their years. They know the way of the bins and they are known as the Green Team.  They help a slightly older ‘student’ understand how to sort trash and why.


Right away, the Green Team started by help their friend separate his recyclables. He learns that it is very important that we recycle for two reasons. First: so we can keep the amount of stuff in landfills to a minimum, and second: so we can reuse the plastics and metals so that we do not use up all of the Earth’s limited resources, and we save energy when making new things.


Then they explain that some of his ‘trash’ is bio-degradable materials, which have a secret power. Food-waste  and compostable products like the soup bowl can be composted to add rich nutrients to the soil. This super-ability would be wasted in a landfill. You can also learn all about composting in a quick, fun song called “Do the Worm Bin”.


Finally, the older student realizes then what the liquid bin is for:  ‘Oh I get it, and for the the liquid we can take all the leftover drinks and put them together for lost dolphins who don’t have anywhere to swim because of all the pollution’.  The Green Team then patiently explains to their green-genius that indeed chocolate milk is not recyclable, which is why you first pour out your liquids, THEN recycle your container if possible.  And yes, the liquids can be composted!

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This episode may be light-hearted but it is about a real issue today. Some people never learned how to sort their waste so instead of recycling and composting, it all ends up in a landfill. This wastes the Earth’s natural resources, pollutes the planet, and makes landfills far larger than they should be. Now it’s true – it’s not always clear what can be recycled, composted or should be thrown away.  Sometimes you have to be your own detective to know best!

Remember, superheros save the planet and you can do that every day by simply sorting your trash! By making sure the right items go in the correct bin, you become a hero every day!

This episode was based on a real Green Team at Los Alamitos Elementary School in San Jose.  The Green Team helps other students and teachers sort their trash.



Director: David Chai

Producer: Revathi Kotni

Editor: Keith Silva

Camera Crew: Eric Anderson & Mark Sho

Host: Alejandro Garcia

Cast: Amit Kumar, Nia Calais, Farah Azim, & Sara Smrdeli

Artists: Megan Arnold & Jayden Gardner

Special Thank You: Principal Thomas Rousseau, Colleen Hamilton, and the Los Alamitos Elementary School Green Team

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