The Crude, The Bad and the Ugly



The Green Ninja finds himself in an oily mess!

The villain captures the Green Ninja and forces him to witness his attempt to dump used motor oil into the storm drain. Of course this is hard for the Green Ninja to watch, because oil poured into the storm drain goes directly into the Bay or Ocean. However, the villain is surprised to find out that his own henchmen knew a few things about this slippery subject!


While the villain claims that used motor oil is ‘useless’ and should be dumped after one use, his henchman knows that this isn’t true; instead, it can be cleaned up and re-refined over and over again. It can then be used again as motor oil or turned into fuel for furnaces and power plants.1


Oil filters can also be recycled because they are made of steel – North America’s most recycled material. Recycled steel can be turned into a variety of products ranging from cars to appliances to construction materials.2


Why should we recycle motor oil?

Motor oil is a source of water pollution when not disposed of responsibly. Even small leaks that stain your driveway can be washed away by rain or irrigation systems and end up in our waterways. When discarding motor oil, always take it to a recycling facility. Never dump it into a storm drain. One gallon of motor oil can contaminate one million gallons of drinking water, and it currently accounts for 40% of oil pollution on our waterways. By taking your motor oil to a certified collection center you are preventing water pollution and conserving petroleum. Never heard of recycled motor oil? Well, it’s happening today! Valvoline has a line of motor oil which uses 50% recycled motor oil.


For more information, visit the San Mateo County Water Pollution Prevention Program page.





Director: David Chai

Producer: Lauren Brown

Story Character/design: Michael Fong

Animation: Michelle Ikemoto, Renee Carty, Aden Scott, Corey Tom, Candance Downey and Bryan Lind.

Host: Alejandro Garcia

Visual Development: Erin Schleupner

Voices: David Chai

Editing: Emily Chen and Michelle Ikemoto.

Show Opening: Mark Wanninger

Green Ninja Theme Music: Eli Rosen

Supported by: San Mateo County, Environmental Health

Special Thanks to our Kickstarter Supporters: Martin Cooper, Marty Leach, Nancy Peterson, Radhika Thekkath, Robert Hughes, Ron Roman, Sahiba Khan, Sheila Bienenfelp, Susan Cooper, Tony Christopher, W. Stephen Sullins.

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