Save the Fishes

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Sing and dance along with the students of Redwood Environmental Academy of Leadership (or R.E.A.L.) as they rhyme and rap about saving the environment and some of the largest ongoing environmental problems.

Trash in the Ocean

Plastic is building up in the oceans

One of the pressing environmental issues the song lyrics refer to is the accumulation of trash and debris in Earth’s oceans and other waterways. The EPA has published an article showing that increased plastic and debris buildup in the ocean results from improper waste disposal (e.g., littering, illegal dumping). Plastic, which is comprised of fossil fuels like petroleum (a non-renewable resource), is not biodegradable and makes up the majority of the floating waste. Furthermore, it poses a major health hazard to humans and animals since harmful chemicals found in plastic can be leeched into the water.


Stop that drip-drip-drop

There are many reasons to conserve and stop the drip-drop. Fresh water makes up only 3% of the Earth’s water and we humans depend on it for survival. Practicing water conservation in your community can ensure there’s enough water for everyone especially in areas of drought or water shortage.


The members of The Rhymebosome use humor as an appealing and fun means to encourage other high school students to take action, clean up the environment, and conserve Earth’s precious water.

What are you doing to help conserve water and keep it clean?

Here are some tips on how to start saving that H2O:

  1. Take shorter showers
  2. Turn off the sink when it’s not in use
  3. Install grey water infrastructure to recycle and repurpose water in your home
  4. Water your plants at the coolest time of the day and avoid over watering
  5. All you lawn owners: BROWN is the new GREEN!
  6. Only run your dishwasher when it’s teeming with dirty dishes!



Created by students from the Redwood Environmental Academy of Leadership: Lizeth Arias-Corona, Catherine Bard, Veronica Becerra-Madrigal, Alexandra Bodrov, Monica Chavez, Anthony Finau, Juliana Foster, Naima King, Fatai Kupetino, Selena Medina, Gabriel Mena, Bethany Naranjo-Alvarado, James Ngaluola, Jorge Rodriguez Jimenez, Jett Rollins, Matthew Sawdey, Fuaao Seuea, Vincent Sigona, Diana Tatalamotonga, & Dorothy Jean Tompson

Produced by: Tom McFadden
Filmed by: Jake Wachtel
Special Thanks to: Halo Shapiro, Cindy Wilber, Hidden Villa, and the Dirzo Lab
Instrumentals from: “Blow the Whistle” by Too $hort

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