Play_Episode10In this video, an empty can from Kansas is curious about what will happen to him after he is recycled. The Green Ninja team finds a local expert to get the answer!

Ricardo Lopez, MRF Operations Manager at Green Waste, reassures the empty can that he will be just fine. If the empty can follows the recycled path, he will be reborn again!

With the grand tour of the facility, the empty can feels right at home as he is separated from the rest of the recycled material and reunited with his brothers and sisters (other metal cans). As more metal family members are collected, they are put into a machine called a baler.

reincan (640x480)

reincan5After enough family members are collected and turned into a bale, Ricardo then calls an “End User” or someone who uses this 1500-2200 pound material to make other useful things. In order to do this, the load of bale is melted at a mill and reshaped. Then it can become one of many things including rebar, fencing or sheet metal.

With the right path, the empty can will live on for a very long time. To find out more about the Green Waste and their Community Outreach programs, click here!

reincan3 (640x480)Other materials experience a similar path after being recycled. To find out more, click on the links below to see what happens in their afterlife:

  1. Plastic
  2. Paper
  3. Glass




Director: David Chai

Host: Alejandro Garcia

Starring: Ricardo Lopez

Editor: Keith Silva

Show Opening: Mark Wanninger

Green Ninja Theme Music: Eli Rosen

Special Thanks: GreenWaste Recovery, Inc.

Special Thanks to our Kickstarter Supporters: Alan Levi, Alan Woolery, Alejandro Garcia, Alyce Howarth, Andrew Harkins, Randi Bethel, Roger Dargaville, Roxana Marachi, Schott Lonergan, Tom Breider, Stephen & Emily Branz


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