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This episode of the Green Ninja Show is about fossil fuels and it takes place in the world of the classic arcade fighter “Karbon Kombat”, a video game set in the future. In this world, everyone lives on an uber-polluted Earth that is controlled by Fossil Fiend, a nefarious villain with the ability to harness the power of fossil fuels to obliterate anything (or anyone) who gets in his way. Good thing the Green Ninja knows just how to Kombat such a foe, so he challenges Fossil Fiend to a fight!

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Throughout the battle, various special moves are used by the Green Ninja and Fossil Fiend. They each have their own unique moves and they all represent something done to the planet to benefit or damage it. The 3 moves used by Fossil Fiend were all based on real-world problems:

Raging Oil Spill: An oil themed move alluding to when crude or partially refined oil gets into the ocean either from an accident at an oil drilling operation or from improper handling/transportation of oil. This is a big problem for a couple of reasons. First, harvesting and refining crude oil uses a lot of fossil fuels, putting more carbon in the atmosphere which accelerates climate change. Also, fossil fuel pollution in the ocean causes many birds, fish, and other oceanic creatures to die or get sick.

Frack Attack: A highly volatile special move based off the harvesting of natural gas through Hydraulic Fracturing. Hydraulic Fracturing is where millions of gallons of a water-chemical mix are pumped into a “well” at high pressure in order to crack the shale rock formations deep underground. By cracking these rocks, natural gas is released and harvested which would usually be a good thing since it reduces reliance on fossil fuels. The problem is that the chemical-water mix can easily evaporate, releasing those harmful chemicals into the air we breathe and the atmosphere. Also, the process of fracking requires heavy machinery powered by fossil fuels such as diesel and gasoline, which release carbon into the atmosphere. Fracking also can cause land-slides and  drops in soil productivity, meaning after the process is done, the area around the well is both unstable to occupy and unsuitable for agriculture.

If you are curious about fracking, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wrote an article about the process.

Charcoal Barrage: Or rare occasions, the Fossil Fiend uses his ultimate attack: Charcoal Barrage, in which he rapidly hurls flaming, carbon-filled charcoals at his opponent. This move, just like charcoal production, threatens the climate. The process of charcoal production releases Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, an Methane into the atmosphere, all at once!

Most people don’t even know how charcoal affects the atmosphere, learn more about it from the EPA in their charcoal article.

Wind Turbine Uppercut title

Hydro Power Cleanse title       Concentrated Solar Beam title

After all of that pollution, the Earth would be feeling pretty bad if it weren’t for the Green Ninja!

Wind Turbine Uppercut: The Green Ninja blows away the competition by using the power of the wind to spin him into the air. This is a reference to wind-powered turbines. They are large turbines (which look like propellers) that are spun by the wind blowing them. Whenever a turbine spins, it generates electricity. This is an excellent way to create power without the emissions of fossil fuels.

Hydro Power Cleanse: This move helps the Green Ninja clean up the Fossil Fiend’s act! Hydro-power is a real thing, but it doesn’t work quite the same as Green Ninja’s move. In hydro-power dams, water enters into one side of the dam and while it flows through, it pushes some water-turbines inside the dam and makes them spin, generating electricity! Two-thirds of the electricity supply in the Pacific Northwest comes from hydro-power.

Concentrated Solar Beam: A move harnessing the power of the sun into electricity. It releases no emissions and brings Fossil Fiend’s pollution plan to a sudden stop. Although it is cool, in real life solar energy is not formed into lasers. The energy from the sun can be converted into usable power for humans though! Since solar power is simply using sunlight to create energy, there are no emissions!

The Environmental Protection Agency made a student-friendly webpage about the different ways the sun’s energy can be used.



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Karbon Kombat Animation:

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Voice Talent: Ryan Eways

Animators: Arturo Miramontes, John Kleckner, Chelsea Holt, Matt White, Danielle Harmon, & Natalie Corsie

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Based on Karbon Kombat by:
Eric Castro, Joseph Coleman, Allen Enrile and David Hurng

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