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Today, in a fiery battle of burgers, the Green Ninja faces off against the fast-food flinger himself: Chef Artie Fisher! They are competing to make the perfect All-American Burger. Everybody likes their burger differently, so it is not a surprise that the two chefs choose different ingredients but the Green Ninja’s final product is flawless while Artie’s burger turns out all wrong!


What goes wrong? Let’s take a long look at the ingredients our contestants used. First up is the bun and the patty. The Green Ninja chooses a freshly-produced, whole-grain bun and a patty made from humanely processed, grass-fed ground beef with fresh, minced Portabella mushrooms, carrots, and zucchini mixed in. The fresh, whole-grain bun is healthy and requires minimal emissions to produce because whole grain breads require less processing to create than white-breads¹. The patty is also a tasteful and climate-conscious choice because it is made of fresh, locally grown veggies mixed with grass-fed beef which has a far smaller impact on the environment than grain-fed beef patties.

Flexing Tomato

Next we will examine the the condiments and the produce. Artie seems to have some problems with his burger, here are a couple of the things he messes up: If you watch closely, you may notice Artie putting individual condiment packets on his ‘masterpiece’. Double-waste alert! Artie’s multi-packet technique is a terrible idea for two reasons: every packet must be thrown away because it is not recyclable which puts more plastic waste into the landfills AND this ketchup is heavily processed. Most commercial ketchup contains a lot of sugar, making it unhealthy for you, and it has a much larger carbon footprint than homemade condiments, so it is bad for the planet too. The second road-block Artie runs into is clearly in the produce section of the local farmer’s market because the produce he uses is far from fresh! His lettuce is still frozen from when it was shipped! Instead of buying fresh, local lettuce, Artie buys produce that needed to be packaged and frozen for shipping so it has a HUGE carbon footprint. Come on Artie, get your head in the game!

Arties burger

These two contestants put their full effort in but after all, chefs are only as good as their ingredients! The Green Ninja makes a superb, healthy burger while focusing on using ingredients with low carbon footprints. We can all learn from this by watching what we eat to maintain health and to reduce carbon emissions. Many people do not realize how much carbon comes from food production, so share this information with your family, friends, and anybody else you eat with. Whenever you are cooking, remember the lesson we learned from the Iron Green Chef: take care of your body and take care of the Earth!



Director: David Chai

Editor: Keith Silva

Producer: Revathi Kotni

Camera Crew: Eric Anderson & Mark Sho

Host: Alejandro Garcia

Written by: Rachel Compton & Heather Gregersen

Cast: Dustin Meyer & Laura Stec

Animator: John Kleckner

Voice Talent: Alisia Munoz, Dave Chai, & Ryan Eways

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