H2001: A Waste Odyssey


This episode is about a man who lives in a world controlled by computers. He is able to control every electronic in his home with his voice because it is all connected to the same computer. The computer is there to carry out the man’s orders and it is also able to talk to him. This talking computer is smart and it is able to think and make decisions. This is called Artificial Intelligence or AI.


The man comes home and the computer tries to tell him about the new water regulations but the man tells the computer to skip it. The man is only worried about the sporting event that is coming on TV soon. He does not think the water regulations will affect him.


This man is very wasteful. He has the TV and shower turn on when he is not using them which wastes water and electricity. He also pours out an entire jumbo iced tea because he changes his mind about what he wants to drink and he turns on the washer just to clean one jacket. Such a wasteful lifestyle costs a lot of money and it is harmful to the Earth because it wastes limited resources.


When he finally gets in the shower, the man starts singing. The computer tells him that singing in the shower has been outlawed because people who sing in the shower usually take longer than those who do not sing and he needs to save water. The man is angry because he does not understand why the computer turns off his shower. He did not listen to the new water use rules, so he does not know that he is doing something wrong.


The computer tells the man that he has used his daily water ration. Also it can tell that the man does not understand that he needs to conserves so it must show him Shower of Power to teach him about how he is wasting water. The man is distressed because the video will keep him from seeing the beginning of the game. The man decides that the best course of action is to go to his friend’s house to watch the game. As he tries to leave, he finds that the computer has locked the door. It tells him that his lawn is a waste of water and it burns all the grass away so the man will not water it anymore. The man cares about his grass a lot, so he is outraged when the computer sets it on fire.


Lighting things on fire is extremely dangerous, always avoid causing or getting close to a fire because it can cause serious injuries. Setting the lawn on fire is an extremely unsafe and irresponsible decision made by the computer because it could hurt the man. Also burning things releases a lot of carbon dioxide and into the atmosphere which is harmful to the Earth. If you do ever see a fire, tell an adult about it so they can put it out or call the fire department. If you see an uncontrolled fire and no adults are around, immediately call 911 or the local emergency phone number.



Director: David Chai

Producer: Maaike Scherff

Editor: Keith Silva

Intro by: Mark Wanninger & Michael Salmassian

Cast: Edward Clark

Story: Li Fang

Backgrounds: Nikiel Suchit

Film crew: Olivia Asis, Mike Cascino, Elizabeth Chee, Grace Chen, Crystal Cheng, Jonathan Cheung, Charlie Ly

Filmed at: Dwight Bentel JMC Studio

Special thanks to: Juan Serna

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