Foam On The Range


A cowboy on the range notices something troubling when he throws away his take-out dinner. His container, which is made of Styrofoam, doesn’t ever go away.  Soon, this cowboy’s treasured open space starts to pile up with Styrofoam containers everywhere.

Let’s find out what he does to remedy this situation in his song, “Foam on the Range”.

Foam Ranger

Styrofoam is the trade name for a type of plastic named polystyrene. Polystyrene is essentially non-biodegradable since it is resistant to photolysis, the process of biodegrading from a light source. Since Styrofoam litter doesn’t biodegrade, it can end up polluting our land and ocean marine habitats.  In the film, our cowboy learns a good lesson and starts to use compostable containers as alternatives to Styrofoam.  Yeah!

Learn more about composting and what you can compost here.

Check out some great alternatives to Styrofoam and other plastic dining ware from our friends at World Centric.


Director: David Chai

Host: Alejandro Garcia

Puppeteers: David Chai, Man Yee Wong

Show Editor: Keith Silva

Visual Development: Erin Schleupner

3D Modeling: Meghan Auer

Music: “Foam On The Range” performed by The English Language

Supporters: Erik Perotti, Fiona Webster, Flavia Tsang, Francesca Rheannon, Gary A. Morris, Geri Wittig, Henry Bartholomew, Hilary Nixon, Jane Wu, Jasmine Lu, John Benavides

Show Opening: Mark Wanninger

Green Ninja Theme Music: Eli Rosen

Sponsor:  World Centric

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