Fatal Attrashcan

Play_Episode06Have you ever thought about where your trash goes after your “throw it away”? Not many people know what happens to the waste they create because after the garbage truck comes around, we are not aware of it anymore. The truth is, trash never goes away. If we could visualize how much trash we generate, we might get scared – just like the guy in this episode of the Green Ninja Show.  But fortunately, there is a happy ending!

The film explores the issue of waste and how we can come to terms with our trash.  Although we are always going to generate some waste, there is a lot we can do to reduce the amount of trash we generate. The 3 Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are a great place to start.


This is the first of the three R’s and is by far the best option.  Not buying things we don’t need or that are meant to be disposed after one use can help you minimize the amount of waste you generate on a daily basis. Reduce is your best bet!


This is another good one, when we can reuse something for the same or other purpose.  Reusing a water bottle more than once is an easy example.  Or maybe we can find a new life for things that would otherwise be thrown away. Reusing things includes allows you to use your creativity and save some money. Plus it avoids sending usable materials to the landfill.


If something can’t be reused, hopefully it can be recycled or composted, and that way we will ensure we are utilizing resources effectively and not wasting space for disposing waste.


Director: David Chai

Show Editor: Keith Silva

Host: Alejandro Garcia

Starring: Carlos Nunez

Voice Talent: Byron David

Music: Josh Zamora

Storyboard: Jaydeep Hasrajani

Show Opening: Mark Wanninger

Green Ninja Theme Music: Eli Rosen

Special Thanks to our Kickstarter Supporters: Ana Chou, Andrea V. Bravo, Caitlin McCord, Cathy Kozak, Chris Zontine, Danette Dresel, David Lobell, Diane Landry, Ed Maurer, Ella Morgulis, and Elly Walsh


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