Everyone Can Be the Green Ninja

In this episode, a Green Ninja flees from the Carbon Ninja into a cafe closely followed by the polluting plotter, the Carbon Ninja!

Carbon Ninja Pointing

With a villainous cackle, Carbon Ninja holds a familiar can hostage, he thinks that he has the Green Ninja trapped but his carbon-filled plans are quickly foiled. The Carbon Ninja tries to throw away the can, which should be recycled, but he is stopped by the cafe customers! With the Green Ninja nowhere in sight, patrons begin standing up against the Carbon Ninja’s wasteful habits and he discovers that they are all Green Ninjas!

First Close UpIn each close up, these everyday heroes challenge the Carbon Ninja by reducing their carbon emissions. This young woman uses a reusable insulated mug to avoid using disposable cups while getting coffee or other hot drinks in the mornings.

Second Close Up

The older man represents Green Ninja with a reusable cloth bag, so he can save the environment from disposable petroleum-based plastic bags AND save money. How clever!



Third Close UpSoon after, another hero takes a stand from his low-carbon meal to join the good fight. He is willing to miss out on his meal of locally grown fruits and veggies which require less manufacturing and production, creating less carbon emissions. That means he is eating healthy and helping save the planet at the same time!

Fourth Close Up


This trio of unstoppable Green Ninjas bursts from their disguises and reveals that they too support the battle against carbon emissions. Their weapon of choice: reusable bottles to reduce their plastic waste.


In one fell swoop, another everyday hero turns the Carbon Ninja himself, into a Green Ninja. It takes a moment to realize what happened but he realizes he has gone green when he finds himself (accidentally) recycling! As you can see, there’s a Green Ninja in all of us, waiting to be unleashed! So be a hero and release your inner Green Ninja. And don’t forget to encourage all of your friends and families to do their part in reducing their carbon footprint and saving the planet!


Remember, the Carbon Ninja is still out there, so all Green Ninjas need to work together to reduce emissions. The Earth could use all the help it can get; become a Green Ninja today so we can work together to reduce emissions!



Director: David Chai

Producer: Revathi Kotni

Editor: Keith Silva

Cast: Alejandro Garcia, Edward Clark, Harshith Kotni, Jack Wollenweber, Julie Noblitt, Krishna Kotni, Olivia Asis, Olivia Wollenweber, Ryan Eways, & Tom Austen

Camera Crew: Eric Anderson & Mark Sho

Host: Alejandro Garcia

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