Everyday Hero



In this episode, we set up a flashmob to celebrate an Everyday Hero!  Here is the scene.  We set an ordinary plastic water bottle on the ground near a recycling station in a crowded public space.




Then, the ‘crowd’ settles in to wait for someone to take the extra effort to recycle our bottle.



The area was crowded with people – so who will be the one to make a difference.  Will it be the guy with the backpack?  Or the girl in the white shirt?




And then something special happened!  A young lady with sunglasses spotted the bottle, and after a slight pause in her step, she decides to be an Everyday Hero!

She picks up the bottle and neatly places it in the recycling bin, doing her part for the planet.


everhero2But to her surprise, she is has been crowned an Everyday Hero.


So what does it take to be an everyday hero? Picking up some trash, turning off the lights when you leave a room, doing something to help the environment?  Let’s not be afraid to be an Everyday Hero!  Even if you don’t have your own flashmob to celebrate – you’ll still be a hero!



Director: David Chai

Host: Alejandro Garcia

Featuring: Dr. Edward Harris

Show Editor: Keith Silva

Everyday Hero: Chelsea Holt

Supporters: Amit Kumar, Anette Pushkarich, Gabriela De La Cruz, Jessica Lin, Joe Jordan, John Brazil & Libby Dresel, Stephen Zmina, Steven Williams, Tamara Chang, Wittaka K., Transition Town Wivenhoe

Show Opening: Mark Wanninger

Green Ninja Theme Music: Eli Rosen

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