Dumpster Diver

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In this episode, outback explorer Mick “Dumpsta-Diva” Bliss takes us on a journey inside of a dumpster to look at some of the “critters” that live there.


Some of these creatures do not belong in a dump. Plant/produce waste, for example, should be composted rather than thrown away. Composting is an amazing thing that not many people know about. By putting a banana peel into a compost bin, it allows the banana peel to rot which will release all of the contained nutrients into the compost. This is beneficial to you because you can now use this nutrient-rich soil to help your garden or lawn grow. If top-soil allows plants to grow, compost lets your plants flourish!

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Some critters that are not so easily disposed of end up in the dump too. Reusable materials such as metals (which make up many household objects such as batteries) cannot be used effectively if they are thrown in a dump. Metal does not decompose. Therefore, throwing it in a dump means it will be there for a very long time. This is why we recycle reusable materials such as metal, plastics, and paper products. Recycling these things can reduce the use of our limited resources on Earth, reduce carbon footprint, and save you money!


Beware, not all things made of metal are able to be recycled easily. Household appliances such as televisions and blenders may be made of metal and plastic, but they cannot be simply put in the recycling bin. Because of this, many people simply put old appliances in the trash. It is best to actually take these electronics to an e-waste disposal center. Here, they break down electronics and reuse components, effectively recycling old or broken appliances.

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Sometimes it can be tough to figure out what to throw away and what to recycle. Just remember this episode if you ever get confused! If you are curious and want to learn why we need to recycle, check out this E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency) article about it!



Director: David Chai

Producer: Revathi Kotni

Editor: Keith Silva

Camera Crew: Eric Anderson & Mark Sho

Host: Alejandro Garcia

Cast: Michael Bliss

Voice: Joshua Mackie

Animator: John Kleckner

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