Dr. Burrito

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Dr. Burrito examines a beef and a veggie burrito to determine if there is any difference between them. What are the main differences between the ingredients of the two burritos? The burritos may appear to be very similar, but the ingredients they contain make a huge difference. Foods have different energy efficiencies; some foods, including those derived from animals, tend to require more energy to be produced and processed. For example, according to the carbon pressure reading in the film, a beef burrito produces more than 7 times more carbon dioxide than a veggie burrito.

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Other factors can be considered when diving into a tasty plate. Did you know that food grown locally and organically can lower your carbon footprint as well? The less energy needed to grow and transport food, the less carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Wiser food choices can lead to a healthier planet!


Director: David Chai

Starring: Eugene Cordero, Juan Estrada, Amit Kumar

Show Editor: Keith Silva

Host: Alejandro Garcia

Show Opening: Mark Wanninger

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