College Confrontation

Play_Episode08When two college guys return to their place with take-out food and groceries, the Green Ninja is woken from his silent meditation to straighten things out.

Burrito: Different meats have different carbon footprints, beef has a significantly higher carbon footprint than other meats. Fresh fruits and veggies are important not only for our diet but also for our planet. Where possible, local and organic foods are the best choice, but there are challenges. Look what’s in the grocery bag, and maybe not everything is local .

Appliances: Here’s a reminder to turn off appliances when they’re not in use, and to switch off lights when you leave the room.

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For more information about phantom loads and the energy use of different electronics, click here.

Transport: Naturally, the Green Ninja doesn’t travel in a Hummer like the guys. He prefers public transit. The guys’ Hummer is not the most energy-efficient vehicle, and for local trips they’ll find a bicycle is much more convenient. What is 26 MPB?


Directed by: Babak Sarrafan

Produced by: Nick Martinez

Host: Alejandro Garcia

Show Editor: Keith Silva

Special Thanks to our Kickstarter Supporters: Anders Danielsen, Anne Sauer, Barbara Weinstein, Brian Kistier, Chrissy Williams, Christopher Hesh, Colin Kirpatrick, Danielle Harmon, David Wardrop, Diemtrang Vo, and the EarthCapades Environmental Theater

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