Coach Climate


In this episode of the Green Ninja Show, the coach of a sports team is getting his team ready for the game by telling them the story of Green Ninja’s big battle against four of the toughest opponents ever faced. Carbon Ninja calls in a few climate-changing villains in an effort to defeat Green Ninja once and for all! Green Ninja needs to save the Earth but the odds are stacked against him, he cannot do it alone.

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Carbon Ninja is Green Ninja’s archenemy, using all carbon emissions and pollution sources to change the Earth’s climate. Carbon Ninja always promotes wasteful activities and excessive emissions to accelerate global climate change. In the past, when Green Ninja and Carbon Ninja battle one-on-one, Carbon Ninja has always lost. By recruiting other climate changers and sending them on sinister missions, Carbon Ninja can use leadership to heat the Earth to dangerous levels.

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Plastic Bottle Man is the first foe Green Ninja confronts. Plastic Bottle Man’s mission is to trick children into using disposable water bottles instead of reusable water containers. This is a wasteful habit and throwing out water bottles increases the amount of plastic waste in landfills. Recycling bottles is not a bad practice, but it does not get rid of plastic waste, it allows the plastic to be repurposed and used again. Disposable bottles should only be used when necessary, remember the three R’s “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” in that order!

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Junkfood Johnnie is a suspicious character called in by Carbon Ninja when Green Ninja shows how to defeat Plastic Bottle Man. Junkfood Johnnie’s mission is to convince children to eat the sugary confections sold at grocery stores and corner stores. This is harmful to the Earth because these treats are usually individually wrapped, leading to excess packaging which ends up as plastic waste. Baking fresh treats at home removes the need for wasteful packaging, eliminates the emissions that would come from transporting the treats from the factory to the store, plus it is healthier to make your own treats.

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Captain Coal seems like a nice guy at first, he provides electricity to everyone he can find, what he does not want them to know is that coal-power electricity is not a renewable or clean energy source. Although appliances and devices like blenders and televisions do not have emissions on their own, they run on electricity. Many regions all over the world rely on electricity generated by burning coal which releases immense amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. This means that with coal power, electronics indirectly release carbon emissions into the atmosphere. That is Captain Carbon’s secret strategy, he acts friendly so he can trick people into thinking all electricity is clean energy, that way he can go back to his mine and dig up more coal to burn at his power plant and nobody will bat an eye because they trust him. Green Ninja reveals Captain Carbon to be the fiend he truly is by teaching young people how clean electricity comes from renewable resources like hydropower dams, wind turbines, and solar panels.

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Green Ninja knows how to defeat each of these villains individually, but it is too much for one ninja to have to battle them all at once! Green Ninja calls in some friends to help. By working together, the Green Ninjas can defeat the whole carbon gang together. But there are many more carbon villains still out there on secret missions to wreak havoc on the Earth’s climate. In order to truly battle them all, everyone needs to work together, like one big team of Green Ninjas.

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Right now, there are many Green Ninjas around the world doing whatever they can to make a difference. There are also organizations that have joined the Green Ninja’s team in order to help battle the Carbon Ninja and the rest of the carbon villains. Organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF), the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP),, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) all help people and corporations to learn about climate change and they provide resources for reducing carbon footprints. There are so many carbon villains out there, Green Ninjas need teamwork to beat them all, you can be a Green Ninja by reducing your carbon footprint, by teaching others about climate change and by helping others take action to reduce and to become Green Ninjas themselves.



Director: Dave Chai

Producer: Maaike Scherff

Editor: Keith Silva

Intro by: Mark Wanninger & Michael Salmassian

Cast: Tony Asis, Claire Cordero, Nikiel Suchit, Moon Wang, & Chris Zollna

Film Crew: Mike Cascino, Crystal Cheng, Jordel Hurlow, Rikuto Sekiguchi, & Mark Sho

Episode Director: Babak Sarrafan

Green Ninja Sequences Produced by: SJSU RTVF

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