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In this episode, a gaggle of Green Ninjas show how they feel about saving the world by riding in a bike party around San Jose. With the chatchiest of music and the power of conservation, the party gathered people from all around to enjoy this fantastic social event!


While this video may have some silly lyrics and entertaining dancing, there is a real message behind all of that. Riding a bicycle is good for you and good for the planet.

Riding bikes is a very special activity. Not only is it loads of fun, but it also can be a great social experience! Some of the reasons people love riding bikes:

• It is good exercise, keeping your legs and core muscles toned while helping maintain cardiovascular health.

• Riding a bicycle can be social experience, helping you meet new people who also bike.

• Being part of a bike party lets you get fresh air and have fun which can be mentally refreshing and invigorating.

Street Level

Riding your bike alone or in a bike party not only helps you feel fantastic, but it also benefits the environment:

• Bicycles release no emissions, they do not use fossil fuels so they release zero carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

• Riding a bike is one of the most efficient transportation methods available to the general public, so your energy is never wasted.

• Bike parties reduce the total amount of people driving at the time, meaning less CO2 emissions are released the longer the party goes on!

Break Dancing

Here are a few bike party tips and pointers for those interested:

• Make sure to bring a reusable water bottle. Keeping hydrated is essential while exercising, plus using reusable bottles keeps the world cleaner by removing the need for the harmful, petroleum-based plastic used in disposable bottles.

• Bike parties are best with friends. It can still be fun to ride alone but by encouraging your friends to join the party, you are creating a chance to spend time together, making the bike party safer (large groups are more visible to drivers) and also reducing the overall emissions you and your friends release into the air.

• Make sure not to leave anything unnecessary running at home. That means turn off the lights, the AC/Heater, and any televisions, fans, or other things you will not be using while you are on your bike ride.

Consider seeking out local bike parties to join or creating your own with your friends, families, and community members. By joining or organizing a bike party, you are helping yourself feel better while sparing the air from all of the emissions that would normally be released from driving.



Director: David Chai

Producer: Revathi Kotni

Editor: Keith Silva

Camera Crew: Eric Anderson & Mark Sho

Host: Alejandro Garcia

Bike Party Music Video Credits

Director/Producer: Paul Yula

Rolling Camera Team: Brian Kistler & Paul Yula

Written and Performed by: The English Language

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