In this episode of the Green Ninja Show, we learn how to be safe around bees and why humans need bees.

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Often people act violently toward bees because they do not understand them, many people dislike bees because they know that bees sometimes sting. These two factors have created a negative stigma around bees, causing people to dislike bees even more. Bees do not sting people for no reason, a bee will only sting as a last resort to defend itself or its hive. According to this article from the United States Department of Agriculture, bees do not sting unless they are mistreated (swatted at or attacked) or defending their hive, so it is safe to simply stay away from hives and leave bees alone.

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Humans need bees because they are an essential part of many ecosystems. Bees consume the nectar of many plants, when they do this, they also spread pollen from one plant to another which helps the plants reproduce. Many fruits, vegetables, and other edible plants are formed after pollination from bees, without bees we would have far less of these edible plants. Bees also create honey, a delicious natural sweetener used in a variety of dishes from many different cultures.

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Be kind to bees. As long as they are left alone, they do many good things for humans and they act as a highly important part of the ecosystem. More healthy plants means less carbon dioxide will go into the atmosphere because the plants that bees help grow will absorb carbon dioxide. People need bees, plants need bees, but bees are disappearing and they need humans to help. A wise Green Ninja should make sure nobody mistreats or angers bees because humans need them and the Earth needs them.



Director: David Chai

Producer: Maaike Scherff

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Intro by: Mark Wanninger & Michael Salmassian

Cast: Grace Chen, Ulises Alvarado Llamas, Maddie Julyk

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