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Today we join the audience for the nation’s favorite show, American Idle! After meeting the judges, we talk to the newest contestant shooting to become the next American Idle: Revathi. Revathi is notorious for leaving her car engine running even when she is parked, the judges are flabberghasted!

Impala Abdul

Our curious judge panel decides to find the root of this unscrupulous behavior! Impala Abdul asks Revathi about the temperature of where she lives. Does she need the heater or the air conditioner on?  “No, the weather is perfect, I even have the window open!” You can hear the crowd boo at this, doesn’t our contestant know that she doesn’t need the engine on all the time?

Hydraulic Jackson

Confused about her odd habit, our second judge, Hydraulic Jackson, asks Revathi if she has any emergency equipment in her car that would require the engine to be left on. “No, I just have a regular car radio.” Revathi explains. More boos and hisses come from the crowd because this contestant seems to have no reason for leaving her engine on and burning all of those fossil fuels.

Siphon Cowell

Amazed at her lax attitude toward wasting gas, our tough-as-nails judge, Siphon Cowell, inquires about where she is getting all the money to pay for all of the extra fuel Revathi is burning. “No way! I don’t have money to waste!” is her response. Mr. Cowell explains that leaving the car on uses up gas and by leaving the car on unnecessarily, Revathi is wasting gas and throwing away money.

Contestant Revathy

Much to her credit, Revathi realizes her mistake and turns off her engine. The crowd goes WILD! You may be wondering: “Why does the Green Ninja want me to know this?” It is important that all drivers know this because it saves them money but more importantly, it saves the air. When car engines run, they burn gasoline to create power. One of the byproducts of burning gasoline this way is carbon-based gasses (Such as Carbon-Monoxide and Carbon-Dioxide) which damage the atmosphere. By leaving your car on when you are not driving, you are releasing carbon into the atmosphere needlessly which pollutes the air and damages the Earth’s environments for future inhabitants. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wrote an article which shows their data about idling cars and how bad it is for the environment, check it out for more information on vehicle emissions.



Director: David Chai

Producer: Revathi Kotni

Editor: Keith Silva

Camera Crew: Eric Anderson & Mark Sho

Host: Alejandro Garcia

Voices: Ryan Eways, Thomas Morgan-Witts, Alisia Munoz

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Cast: Revathi Kotni

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