The Green Ninja strives for energy efficiency and conservation. Here are some tools to help save energy and reduce carbon emissions:

Kill-A-Watt: This device allows you to measure the amount of energy being used for anything that gets plugged in. You can measure the energy being used for a TV, cell phone charger, hair dryer or refrigerator. Many electronics consume electricity even when the are “off.” These so-called  “phantom loads” can add up.


Smart Strip: This is similar to a regular power strip except that it helps reduce electricity consumption by automatically switching appliances on and off. A smart strip is a very convenient alternative to unplugging all appliances when not in use and plugging them back in every time they need to be used.


Infrared thermometer: This tool can be used to measure infrared radiation being emitted by all objects. When you point to something with it, it will calculate the item’s temperature. This is very useful when trying to find “leaks” around doors and windows where outside air might be getting in.


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