Green Ninja in the 2015 California Climate Ride



The Green Ninja team participated in the 2015 California Climate Ride as a team and beneficiary. The California Climate Ride is a 320-mile cycling charity tour that begins in Eureka and ends in San Francisco with an overall goal of raising awareness around climate change and supporting environmental non-profit organizations. The Green Ninja team cycled 320 miles along the California coastline over the course of five days! The Green Ninja team is made up of a fun, diverse group of SJSU students, faculty and friends of all cycling abilities. Some of our team members were just learning to ride a bike while others have been long-time cyclists!

To learn more about our team’s experiences during the Climate Ride, you can watch San Jose State University’s inspiring video about the event here. You can help support our cycling team by attending one of our awesome events, joining our team for the next Climate Ride, or donating to support our amazing riders!

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Join our meet up event and come cycle the Los Gatos Creek trail in Green Ninja style! If you missed the 2015 Climate Ride, no worries. We have many more future rides on the way.

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