Become a Green Ninja

So you want to become a Green Ninja? There are various activities and skills that you’ll want to master to learn the art of being a Green Ninja. Have a look at the Green Ninja in action in our Showcase section. Then, study the  Code of Conduct. Here you’ll learn about the values behind every Green Ninja. These include knowledge of climate science and an understanding of how to communicate your craft.


Taking Action is in the heart of any Green Ninja, so check out the different types of actions possible. Then, look over the interesting tools that any Green Ninja will use.  Finally, make your action more powerful by sharing it with the world. Use the hashtag #ImaGreenNinja to inspire others to also take action on climate change.



Want to participate in some direct action? Ask your teacher/parent to participate in the the Green Ninja Smart Energy Contest or make your own film and submit to the Green Ninja Film Festival. Both these experiences offer the chance to gain experiencing being a Green Ninja!




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