Vertical farming

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Dickson Despommier of Columbia University is advocating a novel idea: vertical farming. What do you think? Crazy idea, or good idea?

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Teachers: Are you looking for lesson ideas?

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Teachers: What would your elementary school students think of this new cartoon, “For Goodness Rake”? Would they watch it on their own at home? Could you make a classroom lesson out of it? The Green Ninja™ series  Like “Footprint Renovation,” “For Goodness Rake” is part of an emerging series of free, fun lesson starters for grades…

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Wanted: starfish throwers

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At the Green Ninja Project we were recently asked, “How do you reconcile the enormity of the climate change problem with the relatively small efforts that each person is able to make to help address it?” That is a great question. It made us think of the Starfish Story. In this story, a child, faced with thousands of…

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Ithaca mayor turns his personal parking space into a mini-park

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Mayor Myrick gets two Green Ninja thumbs-up for this fantastic idea. Green Ninja fans: look for Parking Day events near you in September. You too can turn a parking space into a public park!

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How to use a paper towel

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We’ve all seen the signs in public restrooms asking us to please not use more paper towels than we need. Of course, the best number to use is … none! But, when paper towels are our only option, how many do we really need to get the job done? According to TEDxConcordiaUPortland speaker Joe Smith,…

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How far can you go on one burrito?

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As Dr. Eugene Cordero took to the stage at the TEDxSanJoseCA conference last month, he showed a slide with a picture of his favorite tee-shirt and posed this question to the audience: How far do you think you could you go on the energy you get from eating one burrito? This drew an appreciative laugh…

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