Can Renewable Energy Completely Power the World?

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Health is paramount for all living things, but sometimes we don’t even realize what damages our bodies.  Air pollution is one of the top ten leading causes of death worldwide (  The World Health Organization ranks Bakersfield, California as the most polluted city in America, followed by multiple California cities (,28804,2095471_2095472_2095478,00.html).   Roughly half the people (50.3%) in…

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SJSU’s Green Ninja fights climate change | Spartan Daily

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Who needs 5-hour energy when you have 24 Hr energy!

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Americans are slowly but surely starting to realize their need for renewable energy. More and more renewable energy farms are being erected as we try to steer away from our dependency on fossil fuels. We are working hard developing technologies with wind and with solar energies, but sometimes it’s not windy and sometimes it’s not…

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World Centric has an Eco-Centric Vision | TEDxSanJoseCA

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Here’s to sharing a great story about one of our partners!  World Centric has an Eco-Centric Vision | TEDxSanJoseCA.

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Green Ninja Film wins Grand Prize

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