Smart Energy Contest

poster-piece_wo_textWe all know that saving energy is important, but how much of a difference can one household really make? Find out by entering the Smart Energy Contest and taking control of your own energy use!

Step 1: Watch the fun two-minute Green Ninja video to learn about energy conservation (play video)

Step 2: Learn how to read your online PG&E SmartMeterTM account and use the info to record how much energy your house uses. This step can be completed in about 5-10 minutes.

  • You first need a PG&E online account. If you don’t have one, Click here to register.
  • Follow the instructions to learn how to access your online PG&E SmartMeterTM data and find your daily energy data.

Step 3: Take a look at your data and see where changes occurred. Try to understand the data and evaluate what you’ve inputted. For example, do you use more energy during the weekdays or weekends?

Step 4: Now is where you actually take some action. Choose any actions from the list of suggestions on how to reduce daily household energy use and then try them for 2 weeks. This step won’t take very much additional time, but it will take a little thought!

  1. Replace incandescent light bulbs with CFL or LED bulbs.
    More info on CFL
    More info on LED
  2. Switch off lights and appliances when not in use (you’ll need to do this and train the rest of your family to help out during the two weeks of reporting).
  3. Take one of the following actions below (if possible)
    • Dry clothes on a line or inside instead of using a dryer.
    • Unplug appliances that are not used often
    • Turn down the electric heating or cooling.

Further tips and ways to reduce energy at home:

Step 5: Now that you’ve taken some action, it’s time to see whether that action made any difference!

  • A couple of days after you have started making the changes in Step 3, check your energy usage again by logging into your SmartMeterTM account. You can either record your daily energy usage every day, or wait until the two weeks is over and record the data all at once on the tracker. Either way is fine, but you might be interested to check back often and see how you are doing!
  • Did your actions make any difference? Remember that anything you can do to reduce your household energy use during your two-week recording period will be tracked and recorded in your contest submission.
  • Note that sometimes, the weather changes or you might have guests in your home that can change how much energy is used. Don’t worry, just do your best!
  • See how much energy you have saved and your class will be entered for one of our prizes!