Smart Energy Contest


If you would like to participate in our Green Ninja Smart Energy Contest, please review information below to get started!

Getting Started – Complete overview of the contest with step by step instructions.

Lesson Plans – Find some useful lesson plans created by local teachers to help educate your students on the subject of energy!

Online Tracker Software and Tutorial - Log in to the tracker software or create a new account!

Using a Power Meter – Learn how to use a power meter device.

Teacher Resource Kit – Check out a resource kit from our facility at San Jose State University to help better educate your students with our hands on activities.

Contest Prizes – Read about the awesome prizes you can win for your class!

Contest Rules – Read about our rules to officially enter.

Parent Consent Form – Download this form to request permission from parents!

FAQ – Check out our frequently asked questions like “What if my student doesn’t have access to thier PG&E?”

Have additional questions? Feel free to Contact Us!