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    Green Ninja makes teaching NGSS more manageable through carefully written curriculum and support materials. And students really love the Green Ninja videos and activities.

  • With parents

    The Green Ninja curriculum was developed by a team of nationally recognized university researchers and teachers who develop a method to engage students by applying science to solve real-world problems. The results show more engaged science students who perform better on assessment activities.

  • With students

    Green Ninja makes learning science fun and rewarding. You'll actually use science to solve real-world problems, and who knows what kind of change we could make? It's going to be exciting to see what we can do together.

Learn the Science

We have compiled a collection of videos and short articles to help teachers build their content knowledge so they can feel more confident in the classroom.

Green Ninja Games

  • Carbon Command

    Carbon Command is a simplified model of the influence of human activities on climate change. The game starts with carbon raining down through the atmosphere (and ocean), while the player uses the photosynthesis of plants to control the uptake of atmospheric carbon. As the player moves through more challenging levels, there are various upgrades available to combat the rise in carbon levels and save the planet from warming temperatures.

  • Carbon Runner

    Carbon Runner is a fast-paced game focusing on how personal decisions positively or negatively affect the environment. It is an endlesssly running game, which puts you in the shoes of Green Ninja in order to collect or destroy items, which can be good or bad for the environment. Correctly answering questions allows the player to gain the powers to advance to higher levels.


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